Promenade, as a part of the Home Owners' Association's document, has a "Rental Restriction Agreement." This agreement limits the number of rental units that are in the Promenade.
To view a synopsis of this agreement, click here --> RENTAL RESTRICTIONS

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Promenade Monthly Fee Structure: As an owner in Promenade, there are monthly fees that must be paid to support the upkeep and operation of our community. The Promenade HOA collects $180.00 each month. Of this amount, $146.67 goes to Promenade and $ 33.33 goes to the Triple Crown HOA for maintenance of Triple Crown Boulevard, the main street through the Triple Crown development.

Other policies for the Promenade are explained at this link --> IMPORTANT OTHER POLICIES

Any exterior changes that an owner/renter wants to make to their property must be approved by the HOA Board. To do this, one must complete the Improvement Application. To print a copy of this form,

Promenade has a special problem with delinquent Condominium Fees. It is very important that everyone understand the Payment and penalty structure. Although explained here, to fully know the policy, you must read the Promenade Declaration. To read a recap of the policy, click on this link --> DELINQUENT FEES POLICY
If you are interested in becoming a resident of Promenade and want more information, please phone Management Solutions at: 859-491-5711 or email them at: